Busy Busy!

As the title says, things have been really busy for me as of late. Juggling projects and a nine month old isn’t easy. Thank God for my husband. He has been a Godsend these past few days helping me when he’s at home. He is such a good father and husband. I’m a lucky girl!

I’ve been treating each day like an advanced class with a very strict teacher. Being a new mother has been a whirl-wind and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, even the times when I’m sure I’ve relieved myself of a few handfuls of hair. I take note of what works, what doesn’t and I try to apply everything I learn as quickly as it’s taught but my child is growing fast so at times I feel like I’m trying to keep a sinking boat afloat with a cup to bail. Just when it seems I’ve gotten the hang of this whole motherhood thing, He has a new trick!

Overall, I’m excited and thrilled with everything that is going on and I look forward to the next challenge that comes to meet me the next day, be it work or baby!


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